May 13-14-15, 2016


Marti Hotel - Istanbul, TR


20 Tickets


3 Professional Presenters

About the event .

After the enormous success of the Classical Pilates Conference in the past 2 years we are proud to present the 3rd Classical Pilates Conference, as with the first, is to bring Joseph Pilates’ “Contrology” method, the purest form of Pilates, and the best teachers in the world to you.

Linking Europe and Asia, do not miss the opportunity to spend three days in the beautiful city of Istanbul where you can share your knowledge with instructors from all over the world and train with world class Pilates teachers.

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Notes from Last Year 2015 / Second Classical Pilates Conference in Turkey

This was the second Classical Pilates Conference in Istanbul, Turkey in May 2015. Our presenters have taught the classical pilates to the attendees and enjoyed the amusement together.

You may look at the photos below here from the last year's conference. We will upload more pictures here on the following days.

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Originals / The original version of exercises that have been chanced over the years

Morning Mat

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Jay Grimes

1st Generation Pilates Master Teacher

Jay began his studies with Joe Pilates in the mid-sixties, and after Joe's death continued with Joe's wife, Clara, for another 10 years until her death. Jay began teaching in the original 8th Ave studio in New York and has since taught all over the world.

Jay danced professionally, ballet and Broadway for 18 years, and never had an injury. This he attributes entirely to Pilates. Jay is valued in the Pilates community for his experience, humility and integrity in maintaining the work of Joe Pilates. Over the years Jay's clients have ranged from stars ofBroadway and Hollywood, music and opera, to politicians, businessmen and housewives, and Olympic athletes. He currently provides ongoing training toinstructors, conducting workshops and master classes around the world.

Murat Berkin

Jay Grimes Certified Pilates Teacher

Murat Berkin, one of the former chief dancers of state Opera and Ballet, started his pilates career in 2006 and is the founder of the only classical pilates studio (Murat Berkin Pilates Studio) in Istanbul.

Being trained by the 1 st generation master trainer Jay Grimes, Murat Berkin. Gives lectures and conferences all around the world with him over 3 years.

Murat Berkin wants pilates Method to be learned well and right in Turkey as well as he supports pilates instructors, improvement so he organizes Classical Pilates Conference yearly on May since 2014.

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Event Location

Murat Berkin Pilates Studio
Kat: 2 No: 13, Beykoz, Istanbul
+90 216 680 70 76, +90 532 172 58 19

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